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Be GINspired

Gin, a distillate with a history of more than 450 years, first was distilled in 1550. Known under the name of Genever and mostly used from doctors, there is nowadays a wide range of gins and mostly every day a new gin with new aroma is published. The trendy type of gin is called "Western Style Gin". The predominant taste does not only has to be juniper anymore, but paired with a great variety of "botanicals" like lemon, spruce needles, pepper or cucumber.

To get to know the differences, our barkchef Nicklas Harm created the GINspiration tasting and selected delicious gin and tonic combinations for you. He gives you good advise, which extraordinary aroma and nuances the different gins and tonics provide and how to combine them perfectly. Be GINspired!

Barkeepers Choice:

Tanqueray No. 10Thomas Henry Tonic
Gin SulFever Tree Mediterranean Tonic
Brooklyn GinSchweppes Indian Tonic
€ 20,00 per person